two men build


We, Scott (Robinson) French and Andrew (Wyatt) Driscoll, grew up in and around the ocean, continually exploring its potential for entertainment. Woodworkers by trade, boat building was for us, a natural progression.

Robinson and Wyatt was born as a business partnership in 2010, when our combined skills and ocean-enthusiasm inspired the first canoe sketch. Our modest Santa Cruz, CA workshop is run mostly off-the-grid, allowing for much of our work to be done the old-fashioned way: hand-tools and attention to fine detail.

Borrowing from age-old ideals, we seek to preserve the inherent integrity of the wood-planked boat; simple, clean lines yield agile, light weight, and beautiful ocean or clear-water vessels.

We are constantly thinking about the needs of the ocean in relation to small craft as well as different ways to interact with it; an ocean fairing canoe?  That’s right, we have designed an asymmetrical canoe with the idea of cutting through moderate swell without loosing stability and the ability to track.